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Taxes: I firmly believe the property tax cap in Anne Arundel County should remain in place and no new income taxes should be added to the burden our residents currently pay. Lower property taxes will be a priority.


The Heroin Epidemic: Awareness, education, and treatment are key to combatting the surge in drug addictions throughout Anne Arundel County. We must stand together to help those that are addicted and educate others before they fall into the depths of addiction. 


Term Limits: I strongly support term limits. In 2015, we saw a bill introduced by a Democrat on the County Council to extend the term limit of our County Council members to three, four-year terms. The bill was defeated and as your councilman I will vote against any bill to increase or abolish term limits.


Second Amendment Rights:  I fully support individual gun ownership by law-abiding citizens and strongly believe it is a constitutional right guaranteed by the second amendment of the Bill of Rights.


Right to Life: I believe all life is precious and I am pro-life.


Education: For years, I have publicly raised awareness of the approaching capacity problem in our county’s high schools. I have tirelessly, and sucessfully, advocated for a Crofton high school to solve the capacity problems at both Arundel and South River high schools.

Development: South County has a strong desire to stay rural and I support that desire. In areas that are currently being developed, such as Crofton, we must make sure our infrastructure can support that growth. 


Immigration: There are legal paths to citizenship and I believe those paths should be followed. America is a dream to many outside of it, a dream that many have worked very hard to make come true...often at great financial expense. It is unfair to those following the legal path to citizenship to allow illegal immigrants blanket citizenship.


Public Employees:  We must provide our police, fire fighters, and teachers fair compensation to prevent the loss of these valuable assets to nearby counties. 


Environment: We must be good stewards of our environment. The Chesapeake Bay and the rivers and streams that feed it must be protected. 


Rain Tax: Fully understanding the burden placed on the state and counties of Maryland by the federal government to manage stormwater runoff, I don’t believe that burden should have been passed on to the taxpayers. Other counties have found ways to pay for stormwater management fees without passing the burden on to the taxpayers, so should Anne Arundel County.



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